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Amazing Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher

A recommendation letter is a letter highlighting all the positive traits of an individual, that is used when seeking employment, getting admission for higher education, or applying for a scholarship. It is specifically requested by an individual who is seeking employment. In this particular article, we will stress on a recommendation letter for the post of a teacher.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Teacher

When writing a recommendation letter, you have to highlight all the positive traits of the person; not the negative ones. A recommendation letter has to be precise and to the point. Use of certain adjectives, such as honest, creative, or reliable, will surely turn out to be beneficial for the person for whom you are writing this letter.

A look at the sample letter given below will give you a rough idea as to how it should be written and formatted.

Ronald Hefner
St. Peters High
Louisville, Kentucky

Date: October 15, 2010

Abraham Lytton
English Department Chair
Dayton High School
Dayton, Ohio

Respected Sir

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. Roger Mathews, who has been working with me at the St. Peters High as a professor for English Literature for the last four years. During Mr. Mathews’ tenure as a professor here, we were introduced to several facets of his life. He has an excellent command over English language and exceptional communication skills, which he uses efficiently when interacting with his students.

Within a few months of joining, Mr. Mathews became one of the most popular professors with students and staff alike. He has also been an enthusiastic participant in various extra-curricular activities. Mr Mathews has all the qualities that a person requires to become a good teacher, and these very traits have helped him climb the ladder of progress very fast.

With better opportunities coming his way, Mr. Mathews has decided to relocate to Ohio. Although his resignation has been a significant loss for our institute, I would certainly wish him all the best for his future. With the numerous abilities that he has, he will surely turn out to be an asset for your institution.


Dr. Ronald Hefner

Recommendation Vs. Reference Letter

Though the terms recommendation letter and reference letter are often used interchangeably, they are different in various contexts. Unlike a letter of reference, which is more often addressed to ‘To Whom It May Concern’, a letter of recommendation is specifically addressed to a particular person. If you are writing a letter for your colleague, who is seeking employment in some other school, the recommendation letter will be addressed to the chairman of the school committee.

More importantly, a recommendation letter is slightly more formal than a reference letter.

Additionally, there also exist recommendation letters for students, which are written by teachers, and letters of recommendation for scholarship. You need to get well-versed with each of these types; it is bound to help you at some or the other point in life.

Teaching English Lessons an Easy Feat

images-26Teaching English lessons is always challenging―whether you are teaching people for whom English is the first language, or for those for who English is a foreign language. It always take a lot of preparations and forethought―you might have to plan lessons according to the levels of the students, and make sure that your lessons will become interactive, so that all students will feel free to participate. Always bear in mind that, it is when students participate in your class, you are well on the way of becoming a successful teacher.

Pay Along with the Levels of the Students
If you are teaching people who already know the language, then your primary intention is to make them evaluate the beauty of the language and get them to appreciate literature. You have to remove the errors they make in speaking the language―you have to replace their colloquialisms with refined language. You have to prepare your lessons in order to fine-tune the language that your students are already speaking, and avoid them from making obvious grammatical mistakes. This is a daunting task in itself, since people who already converse in English will find it quite difficult to change the language they are accustomed to, even though it is wrong.

And if you are teaching students who are alien to the language, then it’s a whole new ballgame. Your primary intention then is to create in them basic conversation skills for the language. You might have to begin with the most basic approaches at conversation, and then work your way upwards. The plus point is that these students might be more receptive at learning, and will probably hang on to every word that you say. Hence, you will also need to speak slowly.

Be Unpredictable in Class
Quite often, we find that language training can be quite a bit of bore, especially if the students already have an indication of the methods of their tutor. That is the reason why teachers, especially language teachers, have to keep changing their strategies time and again. This will enliven the lecture, and will also prevent the lessons from being boring for the tutor itself.

As a tutor, you can do several things to keep your classroom active. Playing games is the most effective thing you can do, and you can browse the Internet for various games on building vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills, that you can adapt to the classroom format. But make sure the games are interesting to the students, and will teach them something. Do not repeat games too―that becomes again predictable and boring.

Play acting is also a very good method, which is subtle and keeps up the interest alive. I sometimes use a format in which I establish roles for myself and for a small group of students, and have a mock conversation. For example, I might play the role of a ticket issuer, and make the students play the roles of customers. We would play a scenario in which they are asking for tickets and I am asking them questions on what they exactly want. This really helps in making them more confident in the language and shedding inhibitions in conversing with people too. For a higher level class, you can have more sophisticated conversations.

Elocutions, debates, extempore speeches, recitations―all of them help build your student’s conversations. Every once in a while, conduct an English workshop in class where students can participate in such events.

Test Your Students Regularly
You will go nowhere with your class if you do not take time out to test your students. You, and the students themselves, need to know where they are getting at. Hence, you must devise various means to test them. Keep these as soft tests, that is, tests in which you can be assured the students will perform well. That will give them a confidence boost, and they will actually look forward to more tests.

Comprehension is the best way to test an English class, and you can raise the difficulty bar based on their level of competency. Written comprehension tests are good, but if you conduct audio or even visual comprehension tests, then they would be much better. Make students listen to a simple audio clipping of two people talking, and ask them questions on it. You could also make them hear a song, and ask them about the lyrics. Keep the song simple, especially for beginners; something from the oeuvres of Peter, Paul & Mary or The Carpenters would do very well for beginners.

Tips to Learn From an Audio English Course

You can learn a great deal about how to speak the English language by taking an audio English course. Such courses are free online and allow you to study at your own pace and at home. You do need to have an Internet connection as well as the Macromedia Flash Player installed on your computer. If you don’t have this player installed, you can download it free through the site you use for learning English online.

The basic courses in English through an audio course start off with simple topics such as making introductions and formal and informal greetings. These topics prepare you for what you should say when you first meet an English speaking person. It will also take you through topics such as how to pronounce names, how to have a conversation about your family, your occupation and your favourite things to do.

In each part of an audio course, you listen to a conversation. You also have the option of reading the script of the passage on the computer screen. This is advisable when you first start so that you can read along with the speaker. Since the speaker s native tongue is English you do get the correct pronunciation of the words. There is a difference in the ways the words are pronounced in Britain and in the US, so you can look for the correct audio course for the country that you intend to visit or work in so that you do learn how to pronounce the words according to the customs of the country, but this is not a necessity.

After you listen to the passage, which you can do as many times as you wish, then the exercises on that passage consist of multiple choice questions designed to tell you how well you understood the passage. These include such questions as where the speakers are when they speak and what responses they give to certain questions. After you finish the exercises, you can receive immediate feedback in the form of a grade.

It is quite common to make mistakes in answering the questions at any time during the audio course and you should accept this as a normal part of learning. Think back to your own school days when you were learning your own language. It is highly unlikely that you got all the answers correct every time and the same thing applies to learning English.

Once you feel comfortable that you understand the concept of each lesson in the audio course, you can move on to the next one. However, there is another way in which you can learn from taking such a course online. You can use it to improve your own pronunciation of English words. You may be able to recognize them when you hear them and understand what they mean, but are you able to read the passage so that you can be understood as well? You should try reading the passages on the screen, record yourself while doing so and then listen to your own speech to compare it with that of the native speaker in the course. This will tell you how well you are progressing in this area.

Ways to Improve Your English Conversational Skills

images-25The benefits of conversation English courses reach far and wide. With the trouble of the language posing numerous obstacles even for those with the native English tongue, strong instruction that works is all-important. Whether you are taking English as a second language or you need to increase your communication skills to be a better professional, online English courses offer you a good opportunity. Kids requiring additional English lessons can determine that these are the courses that get them over the hump.

Online English courses give you the freedom to structure your classes around your day. Some of us keep some pretty hazardous timetables. There are few classes that permit you morning study one day, afternoon the next, and then evening on the third day. Coordinating your classes into your timetable assists you assure that you will attend your classes online.

There is a point in your study of English where in you desire allowing since you seem to be not learning. And when you listen yourself not saying much or using impressive words, you lean to just stop and quit.

You know the question as to whether you will discover to converse in English or not is so easy to answer. Yes, of course, you will learn! No doubt about that. It is a subject of how fast or how slow the progress is going to be. The answer is up to you. How despairing is your require to become practiced in communicating? Are your intentions as to why you require becoming fluent clear in your mind?

After you acknowledged your motives, what you will certainly ask next is how you are attending amend your conversation English course? You have to distinguish what are effectual to you.

You have to practice every day. You have to try to remember the aspects you discovered before going to bed so that you will still remember when you awake the following day. Continue doing the same exercise again and again. Talk to yourself. Pretend you are talking to someone, like your tutor. Remember the subject you talked about and the formulas you heard him or her used. Ask yourself and respond similar questions repeatedly until you become so familiar.

Do you believe that your self confidence affects your way of talking? It is easier to learn with a tutor because you can easily overcome your shyness. As you converse for so many times, you develop in yourself confidence – confidence that you will not have when you force yourself to talk to any kind of speakers who you do not often mingle with.

How to Find English courses for Chinese Students

images-24In our previous postings, we have mentioned teaching English in New Jersey presenting the characteristics and tips for learning English.

Today I would like to follow the topic and talk about the English courses for Chinese students which should be the firmest growing market for English teachers in the world. If you have the weakness in listening and speaking skills of English and the comparatively conservative characteristics, therefore, while learning, the students should pay attention to every part of the English course.

For those who prepare to learn English online, they may not have much to worry about as we are providing the best English course that will help you a lot to learn English with very simple and reliable way.

The best way to find a great English Language Course is to ask you “How do I learn?” For those of us that are on the go in this fast-paced world, classes and books are a nuisance. Know that learning is a process that is best embarked on by realizing that processes are best understood when we know where they begin.

You may not know what questions to ask and that is okay because you are learning. Here is a list of great questions to ask:

1. Are you a beginner, intermediate learner or advanced student?

2. Are you looking to improve your “conversational,” written or listening abilities?

3. Do you need to learn English deeply?

Your path to learning a new language will be stimulating and sometimes strenuous. Take the time to ask “yourself” the right questions and you will make that path much shorter. This is the best advice that you just may read on the internet about finding the best English language course.

Even if you do have a book, we think of fun ways to get our Chinese students up out of their seats. We think of role plays which either accompanies the topic of the day, or ones which might help our students in their working lives. When our students come across a situation where English is required, they’ll be happy that this is a familiar situation from one of our role plays and that they have the language needed to get by

Relax! Enjoy your learning, get motivated when looking for good supplementary material online and enjoy learning about your working lives.

Ways to Detect Grammar Mistakes Using An Online English Rectifier

A dead language is the one that does not evolve in the course of time. Certainly, English is not the one. Making oneself master of English Grammar is not an easy feat, considering the fluctuating basic rules. English is liable to rapid changes over time and thus, conforming to the new rules is an arduous task. Given the current period, the importance of learning English cannot be neglected. Millions have realized that mastering English can open up better career avenues.It is not just important for vertical success in the career graph, but also crucial for interacting with global residents, noting the fact that English is what brings the people of different cultures and conventionstogether.

Today’s tech-savvy world is leading a sedentary lifestyle, where physical well-being has been put on the back burner, and deadlines have become more critical. Professionals and businessmen spend most of the day, sitting in front of a computer screen, to produce favorable gains. Squeezing a few hours to familiarize oneself with English language seems next to impossible. Then, what’s the solution? How to check English grammar for your article? The modern day technology has a brilliant answer to these questions. Interestingly, people, who wish to get a tight grip on English grammar, can log on to the various internet sites, offering comprehensive Grammar checker services.

English grammar checker online tools are, not only, appreciated for the precise accuracy,but also, for their quickness and simplicity. With the help of highly-customized mechanisms, these websites can be readily accessed by individuals of all age-groups, without any headache. Through this article, we illustrate you the right way to use these online sites to check English grammar for your article.

1-      Online English grammar checkers can help you only if you have already started writing your article. Copy the content from the ‘Microsoft Word’ and paste it on the big bar or square-shaped plain box. Then, click on the ‘Check’ button.

2-      Within a few minutes, you will soon see a facsimile of the content, with few lines and red marks. These are the mistakes you need to rectify.

3-      A user can also select the language type such as ‘British and World English or ‘American English’, taking into consideration the version of English,which is in practice.

4-      Sometimes, if not mistakes, the online checkers offer suggestions to improve the quality. When such suggestions appear, it does not mean the you have committed mistakes. It simply suggests a better variant.

5-      Spelling and Conjunction errors are often indicated in different colors. Pay attention to it.

6-      Some online checkers come with the facility of ‘Double Check’. Utilize it for making your article more effective and accurate.

7-      Plagiarism is bad. It is an act of stealing written material. Online checkers produce the rate of percentage of originality.

Without mincing the words, it can be said that online English grammar checkers aretech-borne solutions, for those who have had a hard time in learning English.

Ways to Kindle the Love for English in Young Children

Learning a foreign language can develop a person’s life in a lot of ways, but the non native people do not always find it easy to master a foreign language. However, the TEFL teachers can help the non natives learn a new language. A Certificate course in TEFL teaches the TEFL aspirant the vital steps that you can take to help the non English speakers become fluent in a foreign language. The programs can help you learn innovative ways to teach a foreign language. There is a demand of TEFL teachers which keeps increasing every year and it is a good opportunity for TEFL teachers to offer their professional service.

The process of picking up a new language may prove to be more than a just a course, or at least a lot different than one anticipates. If you put too much force on the child while teaching him/ her English they will only be covert under a hilly heap of confusion leading to a feeling of disheartenment. The pre and primary teacher should understand that the kid loves learning new things and they will never stop learning, but this might not happen if you do not want to make the learning process a fun and make it rather strenuous and overtly complex. It should be pleasant and free flowing with an open ended approach. Certificate in TEFL Young Learners course is a great way to learn to instil the love for leaning English among the kids.

The benefits of game based learning method have long been recognized and it is slowly being included into the mainstream learning system around the world. The setting in which a kid is spending a lot of time can be as vital as the teaching and the learning experience themselves. It is in fact the combination of an array of factors that put down a strong ground work of a livelihood and a future for a kid. The TEFL teacher should be eager to help their kids learn English from a young age. A great benefit of early childhood second language introduction is that it helps kids form a positive notion of foreign languages. When kids are open to the elements of a foreign language from a very young age, they are inclined to view the language positively and learning the language becomes somewhat more comfortable.

However, if you force a young kid to speak a second language, you run the risk of making a negative notion of that language. One of the best ways to get kids paying attention in doing something is to let them enjoy that activity. Let the children watch English DVDs, listen to English music. If you can make them to be paying attention in English you need to know some tricks and methods. TEFL course for young learners helps you to grasp those innovative methods.

Tips to Learn English Online

English language has become a prerequisite for almost anything that we do, from using your favorite social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and generally using the internet to applying for solid jobs. We all know how much a second language can boost our careers, but knowing English in not a choice anymore, if you want to move forward in your business and speak to people around the globe, knowing English is necessary. So here are a few simple ways to help you learn English online.

The easiest way to learn English online is to immerge yourself into the language. Start watching YouTube videos and movies in English without the subtitles, it will be hard in the beginning, but the words will begin to flow through your head slowly and your memory will stick to them. Eventually you will start recognizing the words without even trying. This is not as easy method as it sounds, it’s best to combine it with some English course, or online English tutoring, or even a simple lecture.

One more that you need to do in order to learn English online is to find free language tutorials. There are a few online and they will help you master the basics. This will not help you learn English perfectly, after all there is no one to speak when you read a tutorial, but it will sure get you started. If you combine the free English language resources with watching English videos and listening to English music you will be half way to your goal.

The last thing you can do to learn English online is to interact with English speaking people. I’m sure you have a friend or two on Facebook from US or England or Australia, so contact them, engage them in a conversation and tell them that you wish to practice your English skills; they will be able to point you in the right direction.

In the end if you have some money to spend on your classes you can hire an online English tutor to help you learn English online. There are also video courses you can purchase and audio course as well, so you can take your pick. Remember that English language is now a necessity, so don’t waste your time and start learning today.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

We see a lot of children struggling with the ‘it’ section in their English paper. More surprisingly, even children who speak English at home and have adopted the Queen’s language as their mother tongue, find their vocabulary severely limited. The case for children from different ethnic backgrounds who speak a different language at home, or whose parents cannot speak English is different, but there is no doubt that there is a great need and a cause of great worry among the parents all over the world. English is pretty much the language of the world, and a good command over it is hence very important. The contention on this matter can be appreciated by understanding the far reaching applications of the language. Adjunct to the essence of language, carries the importance of the need for a rich vocabulary in its wake.

Improving Vocabulary Skills

What is the need to improve vocabulary anyway? After all, most people know 20,000 words, which is a lot of words anyway to go about their lives without too many problems; however, not on professional grounds.

In today’s globalized world, you might encounter someone who has a better vocabulary, or a lot with better vocabulary skills than you presently possess. In such cases, it can be really difficult to cope with people when the pace of comprehension is not at par. People from different ethnic backgrounds may face problems with a deficit in vocabulary, which in turn can hinder their progress in schools, colleges, or whichever field of work they are delved into.

Read More
Fiction and comic books is helpful at elementary level, change in selection of reading tastes should be a desirable attribute cultivated by will or natural selection. Reading those boring looking biblical-sized novels if you are to make any headway. If that seems too tedious, get a copy of a better newspaper. Sump that sensational tabloid and invest in a better paper. Reading not only helps you learn more words, it also helps you gain a command over the language.

Keep a Dictionary and Thesaurus
Just reading more isn’t good enough. You may come across a lot of words you do not know, so you need to keep a dictionary at hand. Otherwise, you’ll simply gloss over the words and without any value addition. A thesaurus will further boost your vocabulary, as it will provide synonyms for all the words you do not know already.

So now if you have learned a few new words from a recent book you read, start using them more and more regularly. Not all new words you learn will be contextual, some of them may also have day-to-day utility. Encourage your friends too to use those words more often. Building a good peer group around you boosts learning, and moreover, makes it a fun activity.

Specialized Books
Then again, you also get these word builder books for those who are looking to improve vocabulary fast. These word builder books are a quick fix, and great to improve your vocabulary in the short term. Linguistic roots of words can be grasped by using them. ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis, in particular, is one such book that has sold like hotcakes all over the world.

So these were some solutions to your quandary of improving vocabulary. Use all the tips and techniques specified in this article, and see your vocabulary improve in no time!

How to Speak English Fluently

Communication is the string that holds the world together. Thanks to the concept of a universal language, now, communicating with anyone, in any part of the world, is relatively easy. This globally universal language is English. English is a language that has aspects of other languages in it as well, making it easier to learn and follow. In today’s world, therefore, knowing English is a prerequisite. To be able to speak fluently, is what all of us desire and try to achieve.

A Few Pointers

A self-check is what you need to do, before you start off with your language learning.

► Desire to Learn: First and foremost, find out if you have the desire to learn the language. Nothing can be achieved if you do not have the willingness to do it. Therefore, ask yourself if you have the right amount of desire.

► Faith in Yourself: Do you think you can learn an entirely new language? Well, if you ask me, I would say, you can. Learning a language is easy, and this has been proved by so many people, over and over again. Therefore, you just need to believe that you can, and take the plunge.

► Confidence: Do you believe that you are not confident enough? By this I mean, would you shy away to speak the language, because you are scared that you might make a mistake? You have to accept the fact that you cannot learn anything, without making mistakes. I know it might be embarrassing, but who cares? As long as the end result is optimum, it really does not matter. Does it?

► Patience: You need patience for everything that you do. Just like you cannot learn to ride a bike without falling a couple of times, you cannot learn a new language without failing. It is a part of the process, and if you give up at this point, you would never be able to make it. So, find out within yourself if you have the patience to wait.

Now that all the above problems have been solved, let us get going with the actual learning.

GRAMMAR is Not Your Solution
Most of us make the mistake of trying to learn speaking, by stressing on Grammar. Here, I would ask you a very simple question. While learning your Mother Tongue, were you taught the Grammar first? Of course, the answer is NO. The obvious reason why one should not try to learn Grammar here is, that Grammar will only make it more difficult for you. While trying to speak, you will concentrate on the rules and the uses. This way, you would actually slow down, and speaking a language is always about fluency.
Never TRANSLATE from Mother Tongue
Translating statements from our own language into English, is one of the biggest mistakes that most people make. You are definitely going to make mistakes, as the way your native language is spoken, is completely different from how English is spoken. For example, the position of the verb and the object, changes with different language. In English, the verb always comes before the object, however, it might not be true for your native language. Therefore, always frame your sentences in English, before saying them. This might get difficult, but this is the right way to go about it.
Proper pronunciation is very important while learning spoken English. There are numerous ways in which you can learn the way words are spoken;

Online Tools: Online tools are a very good option, as you can listen, re-listen and keep listening till you do not get a word right. Many user-friendly tools are available, that can be of very good help and come to your rescue, if you face some difficult situation. Make it a habit of using one of these tools, whenever you come across a particularly difficult-to-pronounce word.

Movies/TV Shows: I would suggest you to watch as many English movies as you can. You just need to listen carefully, and you would get the flow. Watching TV shows and interviews would help you a lot. Also, watching the news every morning can be a part of your daily English practice session. In your fresh mind, you would notice that you are able to catch the language better.
Read, Read and READ some More
Reading novels, story books, dictionaries, and even the newspaper, increases your vocabulary immensely. Reading not only increases your knowledge, it opens new windows, and you get to know how vivid and colorful a language can be. The use of words to express a particular emotion, can leave you spellbound. I know you have no intentions of becoming a scholar, but reading can actually change your entire perspective towards the language itself.
Try to Learn PHRASES
Learning words would not take you far, as they are not going to help you in speaking initially. You need to concentrate more on phrases. Phrases would help you construct your own sentences, using simple words. Once you are sure that your sentences are forming effortlessly, go ahead and improve your vocabulary. Start your study with simple and everyday-use phrases. Slowly, increase the level with complex phrases. Keep reading, and then at the same time, continue using them. The more you use, the more comfortable you would become.
SPEAKING is Necessary
The best way to put your learning to practice, is by conversing. Talk to others in English. Your English might be broken, it might be incorrect, it might be accented. Don’t stop. Your family and close friends would not make fun of you; they would encourage you to talk more. You will notice that with time, not only will your speech improve, but you will start feeling less conscious and more confident.
The Right GUIDE is Vital
We all need someone to guide us, motivate us, and to show us direction. This stands true here as well. A good teacher or a guide plays a vital role, as he is the one who gives you the right material to study, tells you the best way to study, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you accordingly. If you wish to learn by yourself without taking the help of a teacher, make sure you look for the correct material and study in a proper way.
Learning with a partner would be of great help. The sense of competition and the desire to do better, would drive you to work harder. Giving up would be more difficult, and you would make constant efforts to prove yourself. Make sure the competition is positive, and it does not get into your head. Remember, it is meant to encourage and motivate you, not to drive you into obsession.
Learning a new language, sure is, intimidating. The only way to end the dilemma, is to show a little confidence and a little more desire to learn it. After all, it is task that is easily achievable.