Tips to teach students in different level

Teaching and studying are staying connected, each influencing the other. Teaching may not go on without students, while learning also need teaching; students and professor are required in the education sector. In fact that students can take classes regularly is not enough. On the basis of interviews with teachers of English globally and students of different nationalities, some experts suggest that good teachers care more about their students’ learning than they do about their own teaching. If students are at different levels, teachers should follow these steps:

(1) Use variety of materials of teaching: It can make your students to understand easily with your teaching. Example: an audio cassette or notebook to play audio to your students in the listening class.

(2) Do different tasks with the same material: Students will interested if you have creative idea to take a lot of advantages from the same material

(3) Ignore the problem: Do not let your students if the problem occurred. Just keep doing on what you are teaching. If it’s a serious problem, go to ask another teacher for helps.

(4) Group purposefully so that better students can help weaker students: Some activities on learning require students to make a group. Hence, put different level of students together because it can help them to make a discussion and better students can show how to do to weaker students.

(5) Making fun in the class is also a good way to make your students pay attention. Students cannot concentrate with a complex lecture for long time. Hence, make fun or tell a joke story during class to make your student feel better.

So the responsibilities of a teacher are not only teaching and providing practice, but also caring about the student’s understanding background, affective elements etc. In this way, teachers have to change their style in English teaching when needed. As well as playing leader they are also manager, controller, and cooperator, assistant and prompter to give confidence to students’ more pro-active interest in learning an English language.

I hope this tips can help all teachers to get ideas on how to help your students can understand even they are in the different level.